Hidden Store Treasures

 1958 Erie Gas Pump
 Clocks and Religous Items
 Lawyers Bookcase
 Lots of Smalls!
 Hall Kitchen Ware
 Kitchen Cabinets
 Primitive and Advertising Booths
 Primitive and Advertising Booths
 Miniature Cast Iron Skillets
 Porcelain Diner Stools
 Ertyl Collector Cars and Trucks Boxed
 Collector Cars
 Brass Nozzles, Oil Cans
 Case Knives and Other USA Brands
 Vintage Coca-Cola Toys
 Working Cornish Pump Organ
 WOW! Bedroom Storage! Huge!
 Franklin Mint Collections Civil War
 Fenton Glass
 Hamilton, Elgin, Illinois pocket watches
 Complete Line of Howards Wood Products
 Vintage Hand and Garden Tools
 Watkins Products
 Arrowheads and Artifacts
 Jerry Brown Pottery
 Vintage Tonka Toys
 Jadeite and Other Fire King
 Watts Pottery
 Apothecary and Medical Items
 Local Honey For Sale
 1957 2d Post 2/4's For sale
 Our Store Front
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