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Golden Eagle Syrup 1-30 Fl. Oz. Jar

Pride of Alabama
Golden Eagle Syrup "Pride of Alabama" Made in Fayette, Alabama Pure Natural Flavor A Southern Tradition On October 28, 1928, the first can of Golden Eagle Syrup was produced in Fayette, Alabama by Victor Patterson, Sr. They experimented with various mixtures of corn syrup and honey in an effort to find one that not only was delicious, but also mild. Since then, Golden Eagle Syrup has become a favorite of generations of families. That same quality syrup is still produced in Fayette, Alabama today. Though Golden Eagle Syrup is no longer owned by the Patterson family, the Patterson dream of providing a premium syrup like no other remains the same. Golden Eagle is truly "The Pride of Alabama." Substitute Golden Eagle Syrup for recipes that call for corn syrup (light or dark) or honey. Because of the special blend of Golden Eagle Syrup, the results are just simply better! Try it! Available 30 fl oz Jar $6.95, 15 fl oz Jar $3.95, and miniature trial size Jar $1.00
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